Bowling with Oulami




Oulami members organised a bowling party for the international students. We went to the bowling place which is five minutes away by walk from Myongji University. The Oulami had booked the second floor of the bowling place for us. We were divided in teams of four for the bowling game. It was really fun to have a competition against other students.

After the bowling game, we went to a Chinese restaurant. It was really fun to see the owner’s face when 30 foreign people entered the restaurant. We ate Jajangmyeon (자장면), it is a noodle dish made with a salty soybean paste, diced pork and vegetables. It is usually served with danmuji (단무지), which is yellow pickled radish and sliced raw onions seasoned with rice vinegar. Jajangmyeon is not really a Chinese meal. It was adapted to match the taste of Korean people.


(Virginie SERGEAT)


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