Oulami Chimaek Party


Shortly before the bitter reality of the midterm season started for all of us, the International Student Outreach Club – our beloved Oulami – organised a relaxing and fun evening of Chimaek for us. Chimaek (치맥) is a slang word combination of „Chicken“ and „Maekju“ („beer” in Korean) and tastes amazing. It is a relatively new food combination which cannot be missed out on when you want to have a relaxed evening with friends, release some stress or simply pig out a bit.

The place Oulami chose for us was Chicken Neo, a restaurant only a few minutes from school, making it easy to find even for people who arrived late. Us international students filled up the whole restaurant, creating a fun contrast to the otherwise predominantly Korean clientele. We ordered fried chicken with and without seasoned sauce and enjoyed some cool beer – which was very refreshing as we had heated up the restaurant quite a lot. Some games were played and the traditional cheer of “어우리미가 가족같다!” (Oulami is like family!) was called out before drinking together.


After everyone had had enough to eat the majority of the group moved on to the second round in another bar while some people headed home after getting their bellies filled. As usual, everyone had a great time at the Oulami event, getting to spend time with them and getting to know the other international students better. It was the perfect evening before starting to focus on the midterms!

(Elena Kubitzki)


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